- training "gatekeepers" in suicide prevention



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Everybody's business: A population-based approach to suicide prevention



How many of us would walk past someone in difficulty in a river, saying that's none of my business?  Yet when it comes to someone thinking of suicide, people can be reluctant to get involved.  This can be down to fear of making things worse, not knowing what to do, feeling that it is someone else's responsibility, even the mistaken belief that it would be futile to intervene because this person has made up their mind to die.


Research shows that a population-based approach to suicide prevention with trained "gatekeepers" in front-line services and the community increases the potential for early, effective intervention.  This approach is central to the National Suicide and Self-Harm Reduction Action Plan for Wales.


Mind Cymru is continuing the vital work of Positive Choices, by promoting early intervention skills through training and lobbying. Positive Choices was a major 5 year project running from February 2009 to 31 January 2014 funded by Big Lottery.


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